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Teletherapy and Telemed Chicago IL Services

At Clarity Clinic, we understand that life's demands can sometimes make it challenging to prioritize your well-being. That's why we're proud to offer teletherapy and telemedicine options, providing you with accessible, effective, and compassionate mental health care from the comfort of your own space.
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Teletherapy and Telemed Chicago IL Services

Discover the Convenience and Effectiveness of Teletherapy at Clarity Clinic

Prioritizing your mental health has never been more convenient and accessible. Our Teletherapy and Telemed Services at Clarity Clinic are designed to ensure that you receive the care you deserve, no matter where you are.

Why Choose Teletherapy and Telemed Services?

Teletherapy and telemedicine have emerged as transformative tools in modern mental health care, offering numerous benefits, including:

  • Convenience and Accessibility: Access expert mental health care without the need to travel, making appointments more manageable and reducing potential barriers.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose appointment times that fit seamlessly into your busy life, enabling you to maintain your mental health goals with ease.
  • Comfort and Privacy: Receive care from the privacy of your home, creating a safe and comfortable environment for open and honest discussions.
  • Wider Reach: Overcome geographical limitations and connect with specialized mental health professionals, even if they are located outside your immediate area.
  • Effective Outcomes: Numerous studies have shown that teletherapy can be just as effective as in-person sessions, yielding positive results for a variety of mental health concerns.

Our Approach to Teletherapy and Telemed Services

At Clarity Clinic, we believe in harnessing technology to enhance your mental well-being. Our Teletherapy and Telemed Services reflect our commitment to providing high-quality care through virtual platforms. Our approach includes:

  • Experienced Professionals: Our licensed therapists and mental health providers are experienced in delivering effective teletherapy and telemedicine sessions.
  • Secure and Confidential: We prioritize your privacy and use encrypted, secure platforms to ensure that your teletherapy sessions are confidential and protected.
  • Personalized Treatment: Our teletherapy sessions are just as individualized and focused as in-person sessions, ensuring you receive the care you need.

Our Teletherapy and Telemed Services Offerings

At Clarity Clinic, we offer a range of teletherapy and telemedicine services to address various mental health needs, including:

  • Individual Teletherapy: Engage in one-on-one virtual therapy sessions where you can explore your emotions, develop coping strategies, and work towards your well-being goals.
  • Couples Teletherapy: Strengthen your relationships and improve communication through virtual counseling sessions designed to address relational dynamics and familial challenges.
  • Medication Management Telemed Services: Connect with our skilled psychiatrists for virtual medication assessments and management, ensuring your treatment plan aligns with your needs.
  • Supportive Group Teletherapy: Join a virtual group therapy session to connect with others, share experiences, and learn from a supportive community facing similar challenges.

How to Book a Teletherapy and Telemed Appointments

What you Need to Know:

To use Teletherapy/Telemed, you will need to have access to the internet, webcam, speakers, and a microphone on a laptop or computer, smartphone, or tablet device. For computers, you will need to download the plugin and for phones, you will need to download the app.

Below is the list of compatible devices:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • SurfaceTM PRO 2 running Win 8.1 or Win 10
  • iOS devices
  • Android devices


The system we are using is HIPPA compliant to maintain your privacy and confidentiality.

Clarity Clinic strongly recommends that you contact your insurance directly to verify that your specific plan has been expanded to cover these services.

What to Do:

To schedule a teletherapy and telemedicine appointment, you can do so through our website. Simply select the ‘Virtual’ option when booking online.

If it is your first time scheduling a Teletherapy or Telemed appointment, you will receive a separate email with a consent form for you to electronically sign and return before your appointment.

Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive another email that will be generated from our system that contains a link to sign in for your session. Please check your spam if you do not see the email. The link you will have received will allow you to sign in up to 10 minutes before the start of your session.

In sessions please set aside a space that is quiet and private enough for you to feel comfortable talking and having a therapy session.


Experience the Convenience of Teletherapy

If you're ready to embrace the convenience and effectiveness of teletherapy, we're here to support you. Contact us today to learn more about our teletherapy and telemedicine options and take the first step towards enhanced mental well-being from the comfort of your own space.

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