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At Clarity Clinic, we understand that each individual is unique, and their mental and emotional well-being can be influenced by a variety of factors. Our Psychological Testing services are designed to provide comprehensive insights into your cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns. Through specialized assessments and evaluations, we help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, leading to personal growth, informed decision-making, and targeted interventions.
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Psych Testing
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Understanding Educational and Psychological Testing 

Clarity Clinic offers a wide variety of psychological, cognitive, and psychoeducational testing services for children, adolescents, and adults. These evaluations examine an individual’s behavior, intellectual functioning, self-concept, strengths, and socio-emotional adjustments.

Psychological Evaluations are used to gain diagnostic insight and provide accurate recommendations to patients and their families. The goal of these evaluations is to accurately diagnose disorders and develop a treatment plan to increase the overall quality of life and emotional functioning of our patients.

Cognitive testing is provided for individuals experiencing memory, attention, or learning difficulties to help identify potential neurological disorders that may be impacting cognitive functioning.

Psychoeducational testing assesses an individual’s intellectual abilities (relative strengths and areas less developed), basic academic achievement (reading, writing, mathematics), and psychological screenings to provide information about potential learning disabilities or other disorders that might interfere with academic or occupational functioning.

Why Choose Psychological Testing?

Psychological testing offers a window into your inner world, helping you unravel complex emotions, behaviors, and cognitive processes. Our Psychological Testing services can be beneficial in various situations, including:

  • Diagnostic Clarity: If you're struggling with unexplained symptoms or feelings, psychological testing can provide clarity by identifying underlying mental health conditions or concerns.
  • Educational Planning: Assessments can identify learning disabilities, cognitive strengths, and areas that may require additional support, aiding in educational planning and academic success.
  • Treatment Planning: For individuals seeking therapy or other mental health interventions, psychological testing can guide clinicians in developing personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs.
  • Career Guidance: Discover your aptitudes, personality traits, and areas of interest to make informed career decisions and maximize your professional potential.
  • Personal Insight: Gain a deeper understanding of your thought patterns, emotional responses, and interpersonal dynamics, fostering personal growth and self-awareness.

Our Approach to Psychological Testing

At Clarity Clinic, our approach to Psychological Testing is grounded in expertise, ethics, and a commitment to your well-being. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Expert Evaluators: Our team of licensed psychologists and experienced assessors are skilled in conducting a wide range of assessments, ensuring accurate and insightful results.
  • Tailored Assessments: We design assessments based on your unique needs and concerns, ensuring that the evaluation process is relevant and meaningful for your journey.
  • Collaborative Process: We work closely with you to understand your goals and concerns, ensuring that the assessment process aligns with your expectations and provides valuable insights.
  • Accurate Interpretation: Our team interprets the assessment results with precision and clarity, translating complex data into understandable and actionable information.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Armed with the insights gained from the assessments, you can make informed decisions about your mental health, education, career, and personal growth.

Our Range of Psychological Testing Services

At Clarity Clinic, we offer a variety of psychological assessments to address different aspects of your well-being:

  • Diagnostic Assessments: Accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment. Our diagnostic assessments help identify underlying mental health conditions, guiding appropriate interventions.
  • Cognitive Assessments: Evaluate cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, and problem-solving skills, providing insights into your cognitive strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Personality Assessments: Gain a deeper understanding of your personality traits, motivations, and behavioral tendencies to enhance self-awareness and personal growth.
  • Neuropsychological Assessments: Assess cognitive functioning in relation to brain health, attention deficits, executive functioning, and memory to help identify any cognitive deficits and guide rehabilitation strategies.
  • Educational and Learning Assessments: Identify learning disabilities or other factors that may impact your educational experience, ensuring appropriate support and accommodations.

Clarity Clinic offers evaluations for:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Developmental disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Other complex psychiatric conditions
  • Depression
  • Personality testing
  • Intellectual testing


The comprehensive assessments include a detailed biopsychosocial interview including development, social, academic, medical, and family history along with a review of previous medical and psychiatric records. A full report including test scores, interpretation, and recommendations will be provided in a detailed written report. Rates for assessments depend on the complexity of the testing necessary and the psychiatric services desired. Feedback sessions to review the report in detail are highly recommended.

Invest in Your Personal Growth

Understanding your cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns is a valuable investment in your personal growth and well-being. Our Psychological Testing services are here to provide you with the insights you need to make informed decisions and foster positive change.

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