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Five Tips to Prepare for Leaving for College

June 15th, 2020


“Your time as a caterpillar has expired, your wings are ready.” -Anonymous

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It’s That Time of the Year

Kids, quick, close you ears! You may not want to hear this! Because it is coming close to that special time again when schools start back into session. Right now, in the midst of summer it may seem like a long way until school starts back up. The weather is hot, the sun is always shining, and vacations are being had by all. However, like it or not, we are just about a month away from the school year starting anew.

This means that now is the perfect time to start preparing for the “back to school” routine. And this is for everyone, younger kids going to elementary school, teenagers going to middle and high school, and young and older adults who are preparing to go to college. Here are five ways that you can prepare for your trip to college.

#1 – Enjoy the Rest of Your Summer

Before you start stressing, it is important that you enjoy the summer that you have left. If you are about to embark on your college journey for the first time, you will have many new and exciting things that you will experience in just a few months. Some of this will be fun and some of this will be stressful, so it is important to just enjoy yourself before leaving for this new experience.

It is great idea to spend time with family and friends before you leave for college as this could be the last time you see them for a little while. College can be a hectic time and it could be hard to visit with friends and family once the semester starts – especially if you are moving far away – so enjoying time with them before you leave is good idea.

Young man and his parents smiling and packing for college

#2 – Start Planning What You Will Need

Now is a great time to start thinking ahead to what you will need in college. If you are moving away from your home completely, start thinking about what you use daily and what you will need in your everyday life. This will help you when you start to prepare a list of things that you need to pack and things that you need to purchase.

#3 – Make Lists

Once you start planning out what you need you can start making a list of the things you need to buy as well as the things you already have that you need to pack. Making lists ahead of time will help prevent you from leaving things behind and make sure that you are prepared once you get to where you are going. Making a list of things to purchase can help once you are in the store and ready to shop. Having the list handy can save time (as you will have a direct purpose once you are in the store), save money (not buying things you do not need) and can help avoid, or at least minimize, some stress and headaches that can easily be acquired when doing “back to school shopping”.

#4 – Have a Planner Ready to Use

In college, as compared to high school, all of the time management is on you as the student. You must be ready to plan out your days and make sure that you know when all your classes, appointments, and meetings are. Having a planner can help ensure that you do not miss any of these important activities that are going on.

There can be a lot to do and to choose from on a college campus and it is easy to be bombarded with fun activities and opportunities for both learning and fun. If you are not careful, it can be easy to try and do too much and forget some of the responsibilities you have – whether it be school work, class time, or a job if you have one.

#5 – Start Reading Now

To get in the habit of being a self-starter and to prepare for the work that comes with college courses, it could be a good idea to start reading now. Getting in the habit of doing some reading can help prepare you for the reading that is inevitably to come once you start school.

Young woman sitting next to a pile of books, reading

Developing a routine where you take time to read will help when the time comes that you have to study and take time away from other things you want to do to get reading and homework done. This does not mean that you need to neglect other things in your life to read, nor does it mean you have to spend a lot of time reading. However, spending just a little bit of time can go a long way to prepare you for the workload that is to come in college in just a few months.

Diminish Stress By Planning Ahead

The summer is mid-peak, but that does not mean that school is not on its way. The start of the school year is rapidly approaching, and it is now a good time to start thinking about what you will need to be ready to be successful this coming year. Stores already have their “Back to School” supplies out and before you know it they will be packed with soon to be students getting their materials ready. By getting a start on this now, you can beat the rush (and the stress) and prepare yourself properly for the school year to come.

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