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November 28th, 2022


November is known for its holiday spirit, but it is also known to be World Career Development Month. During this month, to get into the “career spirit” of things, it is important to take the opportunity to recognize a career development path. A career development path should focus on creating a plan that consists of long-term goals that help you focus on visualizing your career. Clarity Clinic can help you form these goals.

It can be challenging to take some time away from your education, personal life, or other requirements to focus on your career. With long-term career goals, you must be able to commit to a timeline to assist you. This timeline should include different career factors.


Some of These Career Factors Are as Follows:

  1. Career Option: Have I chosen a career path? What are some options? Is there a certain expertise or area of work I would like to hold a job position in?
  2. Skills Development: What skills do I need to work in my chosen area of expertise? Do I possess these skills? What knowledge, skills, and abilities can I work on to attain a certain position?
  3. Training: Is there any training that I must complete to attain a job? What are the requirements to apply to a specific job?
  4. Working Life: What does a work/life balance look like for me? Do I want to work in a hybrid setting? What job environment increased my work productivity? What does it mean to be a “working individual”?

These career elements are necessary for a career timeline as they help plan the outlook of a career. If you struggle with the development of these career factors, career counseling would be an option to consider. As a career counselor, there are many benefits that career counseling can have for your career development. If you struggle with career options, career assessments can help meet your job type with job satisfaction. Career theories are the study of career paths, success, and behavior. Career theories focus on self-fulfillment, and happiness, and match them to the type of position you would like to achieve. Career counseling can also help professionals, entry-level, or individuals who are changing careers, with developing the skills they would need to conduct a job such as communication skills, computer skills, organizational skills, etc.

Career Counseling can also help get your foot in the door by recognizing the education, training, or experience you may have that would make you a strong candidate for a job position. During this time, it would be important to start recognizing the professional and personal values that you would want to hold yourself to for these job positions. Many individuals consider the purpose of their careers, the work/life balance they are looking to gain, and how they would grow in their careers. These factors will help assess your professional development across your timeline.

Career Counseling also has benefits that can help serve your career timeline, without a focus on these career factors. One of the main benefits is accountability. Many individuals struggle to hold themselves accountable for their career goals. Career Counseling provides a space where you can learn goal-setting behavior and create objectives to meet each week about your career timeline. Another benefit is networking. Career Counseling in group settings can help individuals network with individuals who may be applying in the same area of expertise or a career one wants to end up. Finally, whether you choose individual or group counseling, career counseling provides a support system to reach out to when in need of a guide, resources, or a helping hand.


Career Counseling in Chicago

At Clarity Clinic, the career counseling group focuses on a “mini training series” to help individuals attain a career position. This training series includes the development of resumes, cover letters, job profiles, interview skills, social skills, work benefits, assessments, and many other topics. Each week, clients are respected to commit to one career goal and complete a career group activity. Here is some helpful information if you are interested:

Career Counseling: Job Satisfaction and Skills. This group will serve as a guide for individuals who are struggling in their careers. This group will allow time for skill development related to job satisfaction, job attainment, job interview, the job application process, and communication.

Group topics will include:

  • Career types
  • Career choice
  • Career identity & personality
  • Job interviews and applications
  • Meeting Employment requirements

For more information, please reach out to Clarity Clinic Career Counselor Khadija Manzoor, LPC, CRC:

Happy Holidays and a Happy World Career Development Month!

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