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The Thrills of Grilling

May 4th, 2020


“I grill, therefore I am.” - Alton Brown

A man smiling while adding spices to grill

Grilling: The Perfect Way to End a Rotten Day

We all need things that we can do that help lift our spirits and make us feel better. Picture this, you are having a rough day. You woke up on the wrong side of the bed after tossing and turning all night. You spilled your coffee on your way to work and completely drenched your car and your pants with the hot liquid you were hoping you could drink to wake you up. This caused you to be late for work and when you go there your boss gave you a hard time about it.

Things at work did not get any better, in fact you got a headache that lasted throughout the work day. On the way home, you got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that made your trip almost twice as long as it normally does. Basically, you just had one of the worst days that you possibly could. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. It felt like no matter what you did, it just was not your day.

When you get home there are several things you could decide to do to help lift your spirits and make yourself feel better. One of these things you may decide to do is grill!

Grilling 101

Countless people enjoy grilling! Grilling is the concept of using heat to cook food. There are several different types of equipment that can be used to grill…

Typically, a grill has a box that contains a heat source of some type. Some grills use charcoal placed at the bottom and heated up to use as a heat source for cooking. Other grills use propane to heat up the grill and cook the food.

Smokers are similar to grills and could fit under the same umbrella as grilling, the difference is that smokers use smoke as a heat to cook food and cooks the food at lower temperature over a much longer period of time. All types of grilling require little expertise and can be learned rather quickly just by conducting a simple search on the internet.

Why Does Grilling Bring Us Happiness?

Now that we have briefly discussed what grilling is, we can turn attention to why grilling is so much fun. Many people consider grilling to be fun because it has a relaxing element to it, while still being productive.

Grilling, especially once you have done it a few times, can be very straightforward and easy. Once the technique has been figured out, most anyone can grill without much effort. This does not mean that one will become a grill master right away, but most people can cook edible food on the grill without much burden.

In addition to being quite simple, grilling is also extremely productive. At the end of a grill session there is a finished product, the food that one is going to eat or serve. Having a feeling of accomplishment in addition to not having to work extremely hard makes grilling a thrilling endeavor.

People at a backyard party enjoying grilled food

Benefits of Grilling

It’s Easy!

There are several benefits to grilling in addition to it being a thrilling experience. One of the benefits is the relaxing nature of grilling. Many people find grilling to be very relaxing, as it was previously mentioned that grilling is not very labor intensive. Most of the time, all one needs to do to grill is get the grill started, get it to the right temperature, add the food, and then monitor the food until it is done. A lot of people will kick back by the grill with their favorite beverage and relax while the food cooks.

Spending Time Outdoors

Another benefit of grilling is the experience of the outdoors. Most of the time grills produce a lot of heat, and with heat comes smoke. Therefore, it makes most sense to grill outside instead of inside where the smoke will not cause a problem.

Grilling is often a spring, summer, and fall activity while the weather is nice enough to allow one to go outside and operate the grill (this is not to say that people cannot grill in the winter as many do, but the grilling experience will definitely not be the same and will probably not be as enjoyable outside in the cold temperatures). Getting outside and getting fresh air can be very beneficial for people to decompress and relax.

Productivity & Pride

As previously mentioned, grilling also leads to a finished product and the sense of accomplishment. It can feel good to cook and provide a meal for oneself and one’s friends and family. Operating the grill is a task that takes some responsibility and can make one feel accomplished if they were able to cook the food to good flavor. It can be very rewarding to cook a meal for another individual and a grill allows for this possibility.

Grill for the Thrill of It!

Altogether, grilling can be a very beneficial endeavor to one’s mental and physical health. It can give one a sense of accomplishment and pride from making food for one’s self and for others. It can get people outside, breathing fresh air, and experiencing nature. If you have not given grilling a try, there is no better time than now to go out and experience the thrill of the grill!

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