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The Benefits of Having Alone Time

Some of us dread spending time alone, but did you know that there are many benefits to taking time to be by yourself? It seems as if we spend a majority of our day in constant contact with others. Whether that’s at work, on social media, or keeping in touch with friends and family via text. There is so much stimulation that we get used to that the simple thought of being alone can seen intimidating and downright, lonely.

Spending time alone can bring you a multitude of benefits. From increasing your productivity at work, to improving your mental and physical well being. Being alone can create an environment for personal growth and an opportunity for you to look inward, reflecting on what you true values and priorities are in life. What if you took a moment or even a day to step aside from the constant chatter of life to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted? Here are some of the benefits of having alone time.

1: You get to reset: everyone needs their own space and time throughout the week to reset their mind body and soul. Spending time alone offers the opportunity to reflect inward, reset your mind from outside stimulants, and help you recuperate from daily stress.

2: You get to understand yourself better: Spending time alone helps you understand your desires, goals, wants and needs. There is no influence from friends and family telling you how you should live your life. You can start to become more aware of your inner intuition, you start to create more clarity around your own feelings towards specific topics, and you start to realize what truly makes you happy without outside opinions from others. By spending a majority of your time with a group, you are influenced by others views and opinions or you could easily go along with what the group wants, vs. making independent decisions.

3: Spending time alone can help you appreciate others. By being alone you get to reflect on relationships which can lead to increased gratitude and appreciation towards friends and family when you get to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

4: It can boost productivity. Spending time in solitude can help you remove distractions and stimulants that otherwise preoccupy your mind and hinder concentration. When outside stimulants are removed and you have periods of alone time, you can get more done and improve concentration when you get back to work or begin a new project.

5: You can spend your day on a whim: You have a moment to do exactly what you want, when you want, without having the feeling of being pulled into a specific plan. In modern day society we are constantly on the go – which leads to feeling burnt out. Having a day to do exactly as you please helps you spend time doing activities that are meaningful and contribute towards positive growth in some capacity.

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