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Browse our blog posts on psychotherapy to gain a deeper understanding of different therapeutic approaches & how psychotherapy can promote healing & growth.
Exploring the Healing Canvas: The Power of Art Therapy in Mental Health
Psychotherapy, often referred to as talk therapy, refers to a variety of treatments that aim to help an individual identify troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Most psychotherapy takes place when a licensed mental health professional and a patien...
February 05, 2024
Why Am I Surrounded by Narcissists?
Have you ever thought, “Why am I always around narcissists?” You may feel like you can’t escape the thoughts and opinions of one, always having to hear how important they are. You may feel like you are always being put down by them or never receive any em...
August 22, 2023
Do I Need to Change My Therapist?
I had been let down before, so building up the confidence to let my guard down again was difficult. After meeting a few times, I thought they would have been able to see things from my point of view. However, after I realized we didn’t have the connection...
January 11, 2023
When Celebrating World Kindness Day, Don’t Forget to Be Kind to Yourself
World Kindness Day is on November 13, 2022, and just as it sounds, it is a day to be kind. Remember that it is just as important to be kind to yourself as to be kind to those around you. There are many ways to be kind to yourself and feed your mind, body...
November 04, 2022
What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exactly?
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is considered the “gold standard” psychotherapy for anxiety and depression, and research has shown it is effective for treating many other mental health conditions. But what is it exactly?
September 30, 2022
The Differences Between an Emotional Support Animal and a Service Animal
Human-animal interactions are growing in popularity as a modality for psychiatric treatment as they have been known to provide multiple health benefits. Empirical evidence for decades has shown that animal therapies not only assist in physical health but ...
July 08, 2022
Five Tips for Making Progress in Therapy
It takes a lot of courage and hard work to decide to start therapy and participate in it. Many clients begin therapy not knowing what to expect and find that it can be frustrating when they do not see the results they were hoping for. On the other hand, m...
July 06, 2022
How to Prepare for a Telehealth Therapy Appointment 
Before the current pandemic, it was uncommon for health practices to facilitate virtual telehealth. However, many practices now request patients to set appointments via the internet now. Many mental health services have also transitioned to primarily virt...
May 18, 2022
Why Is It So Hard To Access Mental Health Services?
As Mental Illness Awareness Week comes to a close it’s important to not only prioritize our mental health but encourage mental healthcare as a preventative. October 10th was World Mental Health Day. A day celebrated across the globe to raise awareness of...
October 13, 2021
A Pandemic Within the Pandemic
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that we are experiencing ‘pandemics within the pandemic’- a phrase coined to note the overlap of public health crises. One notable pandemic that has been f...
October 06, 2021
Facing Mental Health Challenges for Olympic and Pro Athletes
Every two to four years, we distract ourselves from the demands of daily life by focusing on one of the most exciting events on the globe, the Olympic Games. We watch athletes from every corner of the Earth prove that they truly are elite athletes. Perfor...
August 12, 2021
The Experience of Female Athletes at the Olympic Games
Written By: Sarah Kelly, LSW, CADC Every two years, we have the global opportunity to watch elite athletes perform on the world stage at the Olympic Games. For many, the Olympics provides an opportunity to turn away from their typical routines and stress...
August 05, 2021
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