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Blog Posts About Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Decoding Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding and Living with Autism
Neurodevelopment disorders (or NDDs as they are often referred to) are multifaceted conditions with onset in early developmental periods characterized by impairments in cognition, communication, behavior and/or motor skills resulting from abnormal brain d...
February 28, 2024
ADHD Vs. Autism in Adults: What's the Difference
Neurodevelopmental disorders are complex conditions that begin at early developmental stages. They can have very different presentations and can influence an individual's quality of life and functioning. Autism and ADHD are both under the umbrella of neur...
October 11, 2023
Tips for Managing Sensory Overload During the Holidays
For many, the holidays are a fun time full of family, friends, traditions, and parties. However, for some, this time of year can cause increased anxiety due to all the changes that come about during the holiday season. Children, and adults, may need extra...
December 06, 2022
Autism in Adults
Diagnosing autism can be tricky at times, and when we think of this, we are usually evaluating children to screen for and rule out autism. Generally, this happens when the child is about two or three, but what would happen if a child with autism was never...
August 10, 2022
Stimming in Autism
Think back to when you were a child and learning to self-soothe: what helped you? What behaviors did you exhibit when attempting to find comfort? Some children will suck their thumb, some will rub their heads, and some may engage in more harmful behaviors...
April 06, 2022
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