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The 13 Best Mental Health Podcasts of 2021

May 17th, 2021


Written By: Sarah Kelly, LSW

Why You Should Listen To Mental Health Podcasts

May is Mental Health Month and I am sure that you have seen a wide variety of mental health-related content in your inbox, on your news feed, and on wherever you consume your media. One great way to learn more about mental health-related topics is by listening to podcasts. Below is a list of several podcasts to listen to if you are hoping to understand mental health disorders, learn about mental health treatment, and/or if you want to feel validated in your own mental health journey.

13 Mental Health Podcasts for Any Listener

  1. The Positive Psychology Podcast
The Positive Psychology Podcast - Bringing the Science of Happiness to your Earbuds with Kristen Truempy on Stitcher

This podcast is hosted by Kristen Truempy, a positive psychologist, with the goal of providing education on how to manage the stressors of life. Truempy provides tools informed by the theory of positive psychology. This podcast breaks down highly academic topics into easy, digestible sound bites for any listener. According to Truempy, this podcast, “Brings the good life to your earbuds.” By listening to this podcast, you will be able to learn scientific insights that will allow you to draw more happiness into your life.

  1. The Happiness Lab
The Happiness Lab

This podcast was developed by Yale professor, Dr. Laurie Santos who has conducted significant research on how to live a happier life. Dr. Santos holds a popular course out of Yale titled, “Psychology and the Good Life.” To challenge and change the way that you contemplate happiness, take a listen to “The Happiness Lab.”

  1. The One You Feed
The One you feed

There is an old parable that describes each of us as having two wolves who live within us. One of the wolves is our most authentic self or the “good” wolf, while the other is the worse version of ourselves, the “bad wolf.” The wolf who wins is the wolf that we feed.

This podcast is hosted by Eric Zimmer who is inspired by the parable of the two wolves. He uses the parable as a starting point for talking with experts like psychologists, spiritual teachers, thought leaders, etc. on how listeners can, “Act their way into a better, more fulfilling life.” This podcast can support those who listen to find a further connection to their purpose.

  1. Terrible, Thanks for Asking
Terrible, Thanks for Asking | Terrible, Thanks for Asking

“Terrible, Thanks for Asking” was created by Nora McInerny, a writer, and speaker. McInerny lost her first husband to an aggressive brain tumor shortly after they gave birth to their first child. This led McInerny to write her best-selling book, It’s Okay to Laugh, Crying is Cool Too in which she discusses her experience of being partnered with someone with a grueling, terminal illness.

The popularity of this book inspired McInerny to talk with others about their own personal experiences of pain in an authentic way in this podcast. To share in the deep emotions of others, pay a listen to this podcast.

  1. The Hilarious World of Depression
Podcast Tile for The Hilarious World of Depression

“The Hilarious World of Depression” was created by humorist and public radio host, John Moe. Each episode, Moe speaks with a different comedian who has experienced depression or another mental illness to discuss their story in a uniquely funny way. This podcast does an excellent job of bringing light to the deeply painful experience of mental illness.

  1. The Social Work Podcast
The Social Work Podcast | Podcast on Podbay

This podcast was created by Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work professor Dr. Jonathan Singer to break the field of social work down into tangible, easy-to-understand conversations. This podcast is excellent for providers of mental health care as well as those who are interested in ideologies that inform mental health care practice. While this podcast is provided through a social work lens, it is valuable for all scopes of mental health practice.

  1. Unlocking Us
Podcasts | Brené Brown

“Unlocking Us” is the first podcast created by Brené Brown, a well-known author, professor, and social worker. Brown is known for her research on the power of vulnerability for reducing shame. On “Unlocking Us,” Brown has conversations with a wide variety of people from Brandi Carlile to Bruce Perry to discuss what makes us deeply human so that we can “live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart.”

  1. Therapy for Black Girls

This podcast is one piece of an overall larger network devoted to making therapy and mental health resources available to black girls and women. Therapy for Black Girls was started by licensed psychologist Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. Each week on the podcast, she has a conversation about any topic that will lead to empowerment and healing for black girls and women.

  1. Latinx Therapy

This podcast was developed by Adriana Alejandre, a licensed marriage and family therapist, to discuss mental health topics related to Latinos and Latinx individuals. Alejandre strives to provide education and understanding to areas of mental health that may feel inaccessible. Every other week, Alejandre records a session in Spanish for those listeners who may prefer to listen to a podcast in their primary language.

  1. Get Real: Talking Mental Health and Disability

“Get Real” is hosted by Robyn Haydon and Karenza Louis-Smith with the goal of having frank conversations regarding the experience of living with mental illness and disabilities. Karenza and Louis-Smith talk with those who have lived experiences, have worked in disability services, and/or those who are advocates and policymakers for those living with disabilities. This podcast is validating for those who live with disabilities and those who are hoping to learn more about that experience.

  1. Recovery Happy Hour

“Recovery Happy Hour” is hosted by Tricia Lewis. Lewis is sober from alcohol and has been since 2016 when she recognized that she was emotionally and physically addicted to alcohol and wanted to make a change. She engages with sober folx from around the globe to destigmatize addiction and sobriety. Lewis recognizes that connection and community are necessary tools for fighting addiction and hopes to promote these tools with this podcast.

  1. Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Dr. Janean Anderson, a licensed psychologist who specializes in eating disorders and is in recovery from Anorexia herself. Dr. Anderson writes that this show is for anyone who is curious about their relationship with food, exercise, and body image. Some episodes are solo episodes on which Dr. Anderson discusses a topic regarding disordered eating. Other episodes are more collaborative in which Dr. Anderson speaks with those who are educated in the field of disordered eating.

  1. The Healing Trauma Podcast

“The Healing Trauma Podcast” is hosted by Monique Koven, a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, and Social Worker. She is a trauma survivor herself and uses each podcast to discuss various experiences of trauma and manners of healing from trauma to offer hope and community to other trauma survivors.

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