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Finding Purpose

August 25th, 2017


One of the main questions that people ask themselves is: "what is my purpose?" It is a commonly pondered question, especially when someone is feeling particularly down and not themselves. While this is not an easy question to answer, it takes self-discovery, with no right or wrong answer. However, taking some time to ask yourself some of the following questions can help lead you towards the right path and can get you closer to gaining more self-awareness.


The first question you can ask yourself is “what genuinely makes me happy?” Taking some time to be honest with yourself about this question can get you far in your journey of self-discovery. A good way to approach this question is to try and think back to times in which you were enjoying your day so much that you lost track of time and did not pay attention to what your worries were. Those times, in which you noticed yourself practicing mindfulness -- being completely present and in the moment -- can be good indications of moments or experiences in which you were genuinely happy without trying.


Another important question that can be asked is “what am I proud of?” When you think about your life and your accomplishments, what is it that sticks out the most to you? Often times, the things that we feel pride about are things that we are passionate about. These kinds of situations can lead us to figure out what we would like more of in our lives. Take some time to write a list of moments, events, personal strengths or accomplishments that have made you feel proud.


One question that you might have heard a psychologist or therapist ask in the past is “if a miracle happens overnight and you wake up tomorrow and everything in your life is perfect, what would that look like?” Thinking seriously about this question and being honest with yourself can lead you to making positive changes in your life. This question has a way of identifying the most important and valuable things in your life. The things you value can be very closely linked to finding purpose in your life.


The final question on this list that can lead to answering some of your questions about purpose is, “how do I want to be viewed by others?” How would you like people to remember you and what kinds of things would you like to hear them say about you? Thinking about how others view your place in the world and what you would like them to see in you, has some meaning regarding what you would like your purpose to be. It shows the kind of impact you would like to have on others and helps you brainstorm ways of achieving this. These few questions are a good place to start. They may not be the answer to all of your struggles, but they can be essential in helping you become more self-aware and can help you navigate your way through discovering your purpose. After all, finding your purpose in life is going to take knowing a lot about yourself and what you are capable of.


Bianca Marcu, LPC Therapist Clarity Clinic

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