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5 Ways To Release Your Inhibitions

October 3rd, 2018


As Natasha Bedingfield said in her popular early 2000’s song Unwritten, “release your inhibitions, feel the rain on your skin.” What she meant by that was to let nothing stop you. Release everything that is holding you back, which she refers to as inhibitions. How would one define inhibitions? The definition of inhibition is a feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.

Now the word inhibition at times has a negative connotation, but some inhibitions are good. Our inhibitions can prevent us from smashing that glass because we are furious. On the other hand, our inhibitions can keep us from trying out for that role in the school play or asking that guy out you saw in the grocery store. Other inhibitions are feeling inadequate, being overly shy, fearing loss of control, having low self-esteem, etc. Holistically, most inhibitions are fear-based. Releasing your inhibitions means letting go of the things that hold you back from saying and doing what you would naturally do if you weren't thinking about the repercussions of it.

5 Ways to Release Your Inhibitions:

  1. Do something outside of your comfort zone- Sometimes being in places that you are uncomfortable in can heighten your inhibitions. Forcing yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone can allow you to practice being in spaces where you are forced to be yourself without being able to predict the reactions of those around you. You are learning to be confident in all environments. Doing things outside your comfort zone increases feelings of freedom, making it easier to lower your inhibitions when you need and want.
  2. Fall in love with YOU- Can you honestly say you love yourself, wholeheartedly? Do you reflect on who you are, what you love, in what ways you want to grow? The closer you are to yourself, the lower your inhibitions will be. Knowing yourself best increases self-confidence which will increase your ability to be confident in situations that may cause your inhibitions to rise.
  3. Spend time with supportive people- When you look around your friend group do you see people that encourage you to be you? Do you feel like you can be yourself around them, your genuine self? Do they pressure you into doing things that don’t fit with your values or beliefs? Ask these questions and reflect on their answers. Being around people brings out the best in you because it encourages you to be comfortable with who you are. This may consequently lower your inhibitions in other settings because you have built another layer of confidence through the love and support of your friends and family.
  4. Be aware- If you don’t realize your inhibitions are holding you back or even that they exist, how can you stop them. It is important that you notice this pattern of behavior. One way is keeping track of your inhibitions would be to track them in a diary. Reflect on the inhibition and take the steps necessary to conquer it.
  5. Positive Affirmations- Affirmations, or positive affirmations are positive statements that challenge negative thoughts. These positive affirmations have the ability to help challenge and overcome self-sabotaging thoughts like your inhibitions. The more frequently you repeat them and believe them, the more likely you can positively change them.

Your inhibitions are your creations, sort of like bad habits that can be broken. At some point, you turned your inhibitions into beliefs and you have given them power. You have the power and free will to change or lose your inhibitions. So take Natasha’s advice, because the rest is still unwritten.

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