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Explore blogs on anxiety disorder & treatment from the best anxiety therapists in Chicago. Our resources are here to guide & empower you to better mental health.
What Are the Benefits of PHP & IOP Programs?
Deciding on the right treatment for your mental health can be challenging. We’re here to talk about the benefits of intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs to see if these programs can help you along your mental health journey. ...
April 30, 2024
Surviving a Layoff: Nurturing Your Mental Health Through Uncertainty
In today's unpredictable economic climate, job security can often feel like a fleeting concept. The very real fear of a layoff can cast a shadow of uncertainty over even the most dedicated and seasoned employees. Whether due to company restructuring, budg...
February 21, 2024
Navigating Valentine's Day: Understanding its Impact on Mental Health
As Valentine's Day approaches, the air is filled with romantic sentiments and heart-shaped chocolates. However, beneath the surface of this beloved holiday lies a spectrum of emotions that can significantly impact mental well-being. From feelings of love ...
February 12, 2024
How to Manage Anxiety on Public Transportation
Do you struggle with taking public transportation? Does your chest tighten every time you get on a train or a bus? It’s more common than you think. If you’re someone who feels panicked or anxious at the thought of having to use public transport, here is s...
September 28, 2022
Helping Someone During a Panic Attack When You Aren’t There With Them
Helping someone get through a panic attack can be difficult, especially when you are not with them. Luckily with the advancement of technology and the ability to text and message on several different platforms, helping someone get through a panic attack c...
September 23, 2022
Do you ever find yourself playing with uncomfortable memories of the past in your head, over and over again to the point that it triggers strong feelings? This is called rumination. Rumination is defined as a thinking pattern that is focused on memories ...
September 09, 2022
How To Lessen Anxiety Before Your First Therapy Session
As therapy is geared toward positive change, the first therapy session can be overwhelming, especially if you are starting therapy for the first time. As mental health professionals, the first therapy session can be one of the most important in the treatm...
December 29, 2021
Can Anxiety Make You Tired?
We often hear the phrases “I'm nervous,” “I'm stressed,” and “I’m anxious,” but what do these statements actually mean, and what effect do they have on our bodies? When asked the difference between feeling nervous and feeling anxious, most individuals be...
November 17, 2021
Sports Psychology and Performance Anxiety
Within the past decade or so we have been hearing a lot about sports psychology and to many, it appears to be a new branch of psychology. However, sport psychology has been in existence for well over 120 years. In 1898, Norman Triplett, a psychologist at ...
November 10, 2021
Anxiety in College Students and How to Manage It
I remember being in the fall semester of my senior year of college trying to determine what I wanted to do “for the rest of my life.” I was sitting in front of my computer paging through graduate school applications and attempting to write my statement ...
August 18, 2021
7 Tips For Calming A Panic Attack
Knowing how to calm a panic attack is more useful than you may think. In the US, 40 million adults have some type of anxiety disorder. Even those who have no history of anxiety disorders may also suffer from a panic attack at some point in their life and ...
November 30, 2020
Using Gabapentin For Anxiety
There are many drugs used to treat anxiety. New studies are now showing that Gabapentin has been a successful treatment for individuals who suffer from anxiety. However, there are no randomized controlled trials on the effectiveness of this medication in ...
September 15, 2020
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