James Histed

James Histed

Therapy Clinical Intern • Lakeview

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(773) 496-4433

3665 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60613


I am committed to supporting my clients through difficult life transitions which can lead to feel-ings of suffocation and drowning. These feelings of immobility can quickly become overwhelm-ing and I take pride in helping my clients get things moving again so that they can appreciate the simple joys of life, free from worry, and allow them to cultivate positivity in their daily lives.

I am working as an intern with Clarity Clinic while pursuing my M.A in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from DePaul University. I have professional training in new media, construction management, and experience in family owned businesses which positions me in a unique way to empathize with today’s rapidly increasing social media pressures, and relate to individuals whose lives are affected by working in other fast paced high demand fields where career burnout is all too common. In 2021, I decided to go back to school to pursue my true calling which is to help individuals and couples examine their concerns so I assist in removing barriers that are prevent-ing them from experiencing a more fulfilling life. I believe in making the most of our time while we are alive and I try to empower my clients to walk down a path that allows them to experience that reality for themselves. I utilize CBT and existentialism to facilitate treatment.

Drawing on my years as a professional yoga teacher, I want to help create a safe and respectable space for all clients to explore their sensitivities and empowers them to make positive changes. My hope for all clients is to help them grow more resilient and feel more comfortable in their own lives and relationships. I use mindfulness techniques to strengthen one’s ability to stay present and focused while working to help increase self-awareness and lessen the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Together, we will build tools to navigate your emotional landscape while we work to set and reach helpful goals, implement boundaries, and work to navigate obstacles along the way.

In-network insurances

    Blue Cross Blue Shield • Self pay


    Adjustment Disorder • Anger Management • Anxiety • Bipolar Disorder • Daytime Sleepiness • Depression • Divorce • Grief and Loss/Bereavement • Life Coaching • Life Transition • Major Depressive Disorder • Mindfulness • Mood Disorders • Occupational Difficulties • Relationship Issues • Sadness • Self Esteem • Social Anxiety • Stress/Worry • Suicidal Thoughts

Education and training

  • DePaul University, Masters in Counseling (Clinical Mental Health Track)

Languages spoken

  • English


  • he/him/his

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