Whether you have felt anxious, depressed, or other unpleasant symptoms for a long time or have short-term problems that you need help navigating psychiatry and clinical psychotherapy may help. Individuals that are experiencing difficulties that are directly impacting the quality of their life such as; lack of focus, divorce, stress at work, or addiction Clarity Clinic is here to help.

Common Signs:
  • Despite your efforts, including the help of family and friends your issues don’t seem to be improving.
  • You have an extended time period of sadness or a sense of helplessness.
  • You are harming yourself and others as a result of your actions such as drinking too much alcohol, using drugs, or difficulty managing anger.
  • Consistently you find yourself worrying, expecting the worst in situations, or on edge.
  • You find it especially difficult to concentrate or carry out tasks at school, work, or other everyday activities.

We accept a wide range of insurances, Clarity Clinic’s billing department will work with your insurance provider to verify your benefits and facilitate authorizations.

For a list of insurance providers accepted please click here.

At Clarity Clinic we have a wide range of psychiatrists and psychotherapists with a variety of backgrounds, concentrations, and specialties. Our clinically trained staff has provided information about themselves that can be found on our psychiatrist and therapist pages.

If you are unsure of what individual would be the best fit our trained administration staff has knowledge of all psychiatrist and psychotherapist backgrounds. You may contact them at [email protected] or 312-754-9404.

It is natural to feel nervous, scared, or emotional prior and during your first session, especially if you are not used to discussing personal things about yourself. Our trained staff of licensed psychiatrists and licensed therapists have an abundance of experience that will allow you to quickly feel at ease and comfortable. Our goal at Clarity Clinic Chicago is to provide you with a safe and confidential environment to work through any issues you may be experiencing.

It is recommended to arrive at your first session a few minutes early to fill out necessary paperwork. Upon completion your initial session will be used to gain valuable information on your history including: family, support systems, career, and psychological. A discussion of the process of psychiatry or psychotherapy is often appropriate during this time. You may also discuss objectives, frequency of visits, and scheduling.

We encourage you to ask any questions that you may have about psychiatry or psychotherapy, as well as share any concerns or goals.

Psychotherapy and Initial Psychiatric Assessment sessions are 50 – 60 minutes; however, the course of Psychotherapy is tailored to each individual. Medication Management follow-up appointments are 20-30 minutes.

Our licensed psychiatrists and counselors will work with you to establish the most effective course of treatment frequency. It is common for psychotherapy appointments to begin on a weekly or biweekly basis; whereas, medication management follow up appointments range from biweekly to a monthly basis.

Each individual case varies in regards to presenting symptoms and objectives for psychiatric or psychotherapy treatment. Our psychiatrists and psychotherapists take this into consideration and work with you to determine the appropriate length of treatment. Brief treatment can range anywhere from three to six sessions, where as longer treatment can last a couple of years. Overall, the length of treatment is decided upon between you and your provider.