Adult Anxiety Support Group (Virtual)

With monumental changes occurring during 2020, anxiety levels, stress, and feelings of being overwhelmed have touched the lives of so many. As human beings, we try to get by the best we can, but we often need an outlet to be able to express how we feel. The Adult Anxiety Management support group provides a space to meet such needs, as well as a place to pick up tools to manage day-to-day anxiety levels. This group will incorporate evidence-based skill building into the allotted time, as well as a safe place to process and apply newly learned tools. Using CBT & DBT methods, such as challenging automatic negative thoughts, and learning distress tolerance (to name a couple), gives us leverage over mounting anxiety, and gives us the opportunity to face life on life’s terms. The year 2020 has not given us the best of circumstances, so let’s come together and learn how to best show up to life as we know it today.

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Group meets:

Weekly on Thursdays
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Online Meeting


Janel Wenger, AMFT

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