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Getting to Know Psychiatric PAs Infographic - National Physician Assistants Week

October 11th, 2022


National Physician Assistants Week is celebrated from October 6th—12th every year to raise the visibility of the profession and recognize the hard work, and thousands of hours, PAs have contributed to the medical world in all different facets of the field.

This year’s motto for PA Week is #PAsGoBeyond. Because of PAs, the healthcare system is not only stronger and more robust, but it has also allowed more patients to access high-quality and cost-effective healthcare since the founding of the program in 1965.

National PA Week originally started off as just National PA Day in 1987 in honor of the 20th anniversary of the first graduating class of PAs from the Duke Medical Center, which was still celebrated on October 6th as that is also the birthday of the founder of the physician assistant profession itself, Eugene A. Stead, Jr., MD.

The psychiatric physician assistants at Clarity Clinic exemplify the model of “going beyond” for providing unmatched compassionate and holistic mental health services for our patients. Read more facts about the psychiatric physician assistant role in the infographic above, including stats on psychiatric physician assistant education requirements, other common physician assistant specialties, and ways you can get involved in National Physician Assistant Week.

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