You Are Not Alone: Celebrities Open Up About Mental Health

With May being National Mental Health Awareness Month in America, we are on a mission to inspire more discussion around emotional wellness in hopes to contribute towards breaking the stigma that surrounds mental health.

This month we hope to share resources, partners, guides and stories that will uplift and encourage those living with anything from anxiety, relationship challenges, depression, to mental health diagnosis such as bipolar disorder or PTSD. We are here to show you that what you feel and your emotional well being does not define who you are. It is simply one element to your entire well being, and no one should be ashamed or afraid to speak out about what they are going through in life.

To emphasize how common mental health issues are in America today, we are highlighting current celebrity stories and their own personal journey with mental health diagnosis. Everyone, no matter race, class, gender identity or demographic, goes through life challenges or traumatic experiences. Everyone has setbacks, everyone experiences life struggles, and no one should feel alone.

Here are some inspiring stories from celebrities we love on how they deal with mental health. We hope this will encourage you to speak out and seek help when experiencing rough patches in life. It’s time we end the stigma against individuals with mental health diagnosis, and realize that no matter the severity, we all go through our own ups and downs.

Camila Cabello discusses her OCD:

The “Havana” singer opened up about her OCD diagnosis in a Cosmopolitan U.K interview, sharing that dealing with stress can cause her to have repetitive thoughts. Now that she’s been able to understand just exactly how OCD works, she has been able to learn how to step back from when she is experiencing recurring thoughts that she can’t seem to kick.

Busy Philips on her postpartum anxiety:

The I Feel Pretty actress has opened up about the anxiety she has experienced after giving birth to her daughter.  Experiencing postpartum anxiety led to her not wanting anyone else holding or caring for her newborn, yet the eventually came to the conclusion to get help. Now you can find her slinging her own advice on how she keeps her anxiety at bay by staying physically active, and being open with her communication.

Mariah Carey opens up about Bipolar Disorder:

After living in years of feeling isolated and fearful that those close to her would expose her diagnosis, singer Mariah Carey recently discussed publicly her bipolar disorder diagnosis. She shared on CNN that she is now proud to share her story in hopes that she can help lift the stigma that surrounds individuals experiencing mental health diagnosis.

Bella Hadid on dealing with anxiety:

The supermodel discussed her struggled with anxiety on the Lifestime show Making a Model explaining that she would start shaking and crying if she had to speak in interviews at events on the red carpet. She shared that the more she had to talk to people daily, it helped her face her fears and cope with social anxiety.

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson on Depression:

The Rock shared with his 12 million fans on Twitter his struggles with depression after witnessing his mother’s attempted suicide. He urges others (men specifically), to open up and seek help if they are experiencing emotional distress such as depression. His depression started after he watched his mother walk into oncoming traffic on a busy highway after they received an eviction notice at their apartment. He shares the message to always pay attention when those close to you are in pain.

Pete Davidson discusses his BPD diagnosis:

Saturday Night Live actor Pete Davidson spoke about his borderline personality disorder, stating that he would have mental breakdowns that would cause him to experiencing blind rage. On a podcast interview, he shared that with the help of his psychiatrist, he was able to get a proper diagnosis.  Davidson explains that he is still trying to navigate his new diagnosis and goes through bouts of depression, but with the help of therapy and medication he is “slowly but surely” finding ways to cope.

Lady Gaga on dealing with PTSD:

During  a talk she gave to a group of homeless LGBTQ+ teens, singer Lady Gaga revealed her experiencing living with PTSD throughout her life. Gaga discussed how meditation helps her deal with the trauma she’s experienced after she was sexually assaulted as a teenager. She then went on to write an open letter on her Born This Way Foundation page sharing her story.

Shannon Purser on self harm:

Stranger Things actress Shannon Purses tweeted an image of a razor blade that she used to inflict self harm upon herself, captioning the photo with:

“*TRIGGER WARNING* I haven’t self-harmed in years, but I kept this around, ‘just in case.’ I forgot it was there and now it’s in the trash. Recovery is possible. Please don’t give up on yourself.”

Jon Hamm on taking antidepressants:

The Mad Men actor opened up in an interview to The Observer about his battle with depression and his experience with taking antidepressants. The thought of taking medication for emotional wellbeing can feel embarrassing, so his perspective on how medication has helped him has been sure to make a positive impact on those considering medication management.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any level of emotional distress, don’t hide, speak up. Seek help and begin a journey to recovery.

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