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Women’s health issues span across a wide range of both mental and physical concerns. Unlike men, women can experience an array of physical issues such as fertility related issues that are impacted by both hormone imbalances and mental and emotional health. These women-specific health issues may induce emotional and mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Aside from mental health issues that are connected to hormones and reproduction, some physical health issues specific to women include breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and osteoarthritis. Managaing health related issues that are specific to your sex is both educational and beneficial.

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Ebony Oliphant


Ebony Oliphant believes that commitment to therapy is essential to an individual’s ability to learn and cope with health issues that are specific to their sex. She works collaboratively with patients who are interested in recognizing, understanding, and learning ways to help manage their female related mental and physical health issues.  Ms. Oliphant utilizes evidence-based modalities such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to assess and treat individuals. Ebony is passionate about helping female patients who are struggling to live with health concerns, diseases, and disorders that specifically impact their relationships, social lives, and productivity.

Dinha Farooqui


Dinha Farooqui strives to help women understand specific health issues that they are seeking the skills and tools needed to manage and cope with. She focuses her therapeutic strategy on helping her patients improve their self-esteem, self-worth, and self-concept. Dinha believes that an improved level of confidence has both a positive and effective impact on a person’s overall mental and consequential physical well-being. Dinha aspires to assist female individuals develop the tools needed to maintain their mental and physical health in an effort to live a life that is not controlled by any health concerns.

Rajwinder Khurana


Rajwinder Khurana approaches women who are coping with health concerns, diseases, and disorders in a patient, understanding, and informative manner. She recognizes that women’s health issues are particularly important to understand for the sake of education, prevention, and management. Dr. Khurana empowers her patients to obtain and maintain their strength through their trials and tribulations associated with health issues. Dr. Khurana treats women who experience stress, anxiety, and depression when they are faced with physical health challenges. She also assists her clients in developing a specific treatment plan when dealing with mental and emotional health struggles that are particularly common in women.