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Stress and worry are normal, common, and healthy human emotional responses. We react to specific scenarios, environments, conversations, and relational issues by dealing with different levels of stress. However, if stress becomes persistent and overbearing you may be developing anxiety, which can cause poor mental and physical health issues. Managing your stress and controlling your worrisome fears is key to handling daily stressors and promoting healthy outcomes.

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Jamie Schubert


Jamie Schubert is a trained physician assistant with clinical training in medical and mental health matters. She believes in the strong association between medical conditions and emotions, thus, her therapeutic approach is rational, compassionate, and impactful. Jamie addresses anxiety, stress, and worries by assessing both biological and psychological factors. By utilizing an integrative approach and bridging the physical and mindful health of her patients, she is able to skillfully encourage and empower individuals to deal with their stress in healthy, creative, and worthwhile ways.