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Social anxiety stems from unstable emotions, fear of judgements, and phobias related to public interactions or environments. Individuals who struggle with social anxiety may avoid social gatherings, have trouble building and maintaining relationships, and struggle with success in the workplace. Building self esteem, encouraging social engagements, and overcoming fears of other people’s perceptions are all important ways to conquer social anxiety. 

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Jamie Schubert


Jamie Schubert encourages her patients to develop their self esteem, confidence, and self worth as they work to cope with social anxiety. She approaches individuals who struggle with social fears in a caring, empathetic, and constructive manner. Jamie’s medical expertise as a physician assistant and passion for treating mental health issues, like anxiety, allow for her to offer an integrative and holistic strategy for targeting social phobias and fears of judgement. She empowers her patients to overcome their social anxiety as a means to gain strong and positive intimate, social, and professional relationships.

Jeanette Marinier


Jeanette Marinier is passionate about helping her patients overcome acute and/or persistent anxiety with therapeutic support and partnership. During her clinical training to become a licensed physician assistant, she gained specific experience in psychiatric services, including diagnostic and treatment-oriented solutions. Jeanette works alongside her patients to assist them in developing healthy skills to obtain their goals as a means to coping with anxiety. She focuses on helping individuals gain self-awareness and build self esteem as they work towards improving their mental health challenge of anxiety.

Kiran B. Maharaja


Kiran B. Maharaja is a psychiatrist who encourages her clients to seek honesty and vulnerability as they search for ways to help themselves manage their emotions and mood. Dr. Maharaja specializes in treating personality and mood disorders, and focuses on empowering her clients to make effective and positive changes to their lives. She knows that individuals who are challenged by bipolar disorder are often discouraged by their condition, but Dr. Maharaja believes it is not only important, but essential to support and teach her clients the skills and tools needed to obtain mental health balance and mood stability. She utilizes an evidence-based medical approach in combination with mindful awareness practices to help individuals establish personal harmony.