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Efficient and adequate sleep is essential to leading an overall healthy lifestyle. When proper sleep is not obtained, sleep disorders can develop. Common sleep disorders include insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, REM sleep behavior disorder, and narcolepsy. Factors that influence the diagnosis of a sleep disorder include psychological concerns, environmental stressors, problematic relationships, and biological health conditions. Sleep disorders can cause major disruptions to daily lives, thus, the importance of combating sleep issues and obtaining healthy sleep is vital to an individual’s functionality and well-being.

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Alexandra Gregor


Alexandra Gregor strives to offer compassionate and effective therapy for patients who suffer from sleep-related issues. Her goal is to help individuals uncover the psychological and biological factors that interfere with acquiring healthy sleep. Alexandra believes that by addressing all aspects of a person’s life and lifestyle are essential to understanding emotional health and behavior choices. She works collaboratively with her patients to manage anxiety, stress, and time management. Alexandra teaches her clients the skills needed to develop healthy nighttime routines and daytime productivity. Her goal is to help individuals develop the awareness and positive outlook needed for their potential success in the future.

Jeanette Marinier


Jeanette Marinier is a physician assistant whose clinical training experience is in psychiatry. With her blended professional and educational background, Jeanette is skilled at addressing the medical and mental stressors that negatively impact sleep. She treats sleep-related issues and disorders by practicing both clinical strategies and holistic methods that improve psychological disturbances which can negatively affect sleep health. Jeanette helps her patients acknowledge how poor sleep habits and overall sleep disrupt all aspects of life. She uses this as a strong motivator for instilling healthy habits and emotional well-being.