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Self esteem, or confidence, is essentially the way in which a person feels about themself. Having a positive sense of self-pride as well as a strong sense of self-worth, are both parts of an individual’s self esteem. When a person struggles with self esteem issues, many other aspects of their lives can suffer. Some of these consequential issues include relationship problems, work life issues, social life issues, poor communication skills, and the development of harmful behaviors such as eating disorders and substance abuse. Learning how to cope with self esteem issues not only benefits the individual, but many other factors surrounding them.

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Abby Levin

Clinical Supervisor

Abby Levin specializes in the treatment of different forms of eating disorders. Eating disorders can stem from a variety of issues but are strongly linked to self esteem issues. Abby understands how the recovery road from eating disorders is only accessible through the treatment of self esteem, boosting confidence, and skill building. Learning how to increase self esteem and self worth are essential to managing other areas of Abby’s expertise such as anxiety and depression. She incorporates CBT, DBT, and ACT into the treatment of mental health conditions that are rooted in self esteem struggles.

Tia Cochran


Tia Cochran practices an integrative and collaborative approach to therapy that is rooted in both holistic and clinical practices to help patients overcome mental health issues. With a background in treating a wide range of mental health conditions, Tia recognizes that many emotional and physical struggles are triggered by self esteem issues. By assisting patients to develop a stronger sense of self by working from a patient-centered and strength based approach, Tia believes that patients are capable of both learning and adapting positive and impactful changes to their mindset.

Tara Javidan

Director of Professional Outreach

Tara Javidan encourages her clients to develop a more positive perspective of themselves with the intention of improving their overall self esteem. She focuses her approach on building stronger views of oneself by helping her patients to seek out and recognize their strengths. Tara is passionate about helping individuals understand how their unique qualities and strengths can improve their overall lives by teaching the skills needed to promote self worth, pride, and positive self-regard. She provides a therapeutic setting where clients feel important, heard, and directed. Tara aspires to collaboratively support her patients in achieving their goals of improving their confidence and self esteem as a way to living a more fulfilling, happier, and successful life.