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Sadness can be felt during times of loss, grief, or transition. This emotional response is a healthy reaction and human feeling of emotional acknowledgment. However, if sadness is not addressed, it can progress into feelings of depression. Depression can ultimately lead to negative decision-making and harmful behaviors, like addiction. Recognizing feelings of sadness and dealing with it’s causes is instrumental to overcoming low emotions and combating depression.

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Alexandra Gregor


Alexandra Gregor aspires to elevate emotional awareness and boost positive thinking in patients who are struggling with feelings of sadness and depression. She is experienced in treating various mental health issues that may be rooted in low self-worth, isolation, anxiety, and overall sadness. As a state licensed and nationally board-certified physician assistant, she has broad and expansive medical experience in family medicine, internal medicine, urgent care, women’s health, surgery, and pediatrics. Given her specific clinical experience, she understands that sadness is a common emotion associated with medical issues. Alexandra believes that collaborative and comprehensive therapy is essential to overcoming sadness and shifting the mind to seek positivity and personal growth.