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Relationship issues are common and widespread amongst partnerships. They affect heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, families, and children. Issues that are often sought out for help and support include infidelity, financial issues, addictions, communication issues, sexual problems, and honesty. Pursuing the support of a therapist is beneficial in order to not only help couples work through their specific problems, but also to improve communication as a means to maintaining a healthier relationship.

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Danielle Harkins


Danielle Harkins enjoys helping couples overcome their challenges as a way of pursuing a healthier relationship through equal and positive partnership effort. She utilizes a psychodynamic perspective, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and solution-focused therapy to help couples reach their individual and relationship-based goals. Danielle focuses her therapeutic approach with couples on developing effective listening skills to promote better communication. Ms. Harkins believes that through better communication, couples can collaboratively work together to solve problems and gain understanding of one another in order to make positive and effective changes in their relationship.

Kevin Vail


Kevin Vail addresses relationship issues in both marriages and committed partnerships with an approach that is focused on patience, understanding, and skill-building. He believes that relationship therapy requires dedicated and collaborative effort. Kevin aims to help both individuals develop effective and positively directed methods to be able to practice listening, consideration, and stronger communication strategies. Based on the needs and goals of both of the individuals and their relationship, Kevin designs a therapeutic approach that is focused on making reasonable, effective, and impactful changes.