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Identity is a way that humans recognize and categorize themselves based on societal norms, expectations, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and race. Racial identity specifically refers to the way that individuals identify themselves based on their skin color. Depending on skin color, different people may experience different types of struggles due to perceived judgements and opinions by others within society. These struggles can impact mental health. Understanding how to manage your emotions and behaviors based on any challenges experienced because of your race is important to one’s health and well-being.

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Dinha Farooqui


Dinha Farooqui understands that the challenges presented based on race, religion, sexual orientation, and other categorizations of self-identity are important to manage because of their impact on overall wellness. She helps individuals who struggle with their racial identity to manage anxiety by developing a strong sense of being and self-confidence. Dinha utilizes an integrative approach that involves both cognitive behavioral therapy and person-centered therapy to help her clients to build a secure, strong, and positive self-concept.

Grand McDonald


Grand McDonald is passionate about helping her patients to achieve an increased sense of self-esteem. She assists them in learning the coping skills needed to deal with issues related to anxiety, depression, adjustment, and other social issues due to racial identity struggles. Grand empowers clients to recognize their strengths and unique qualities. She believes that when individuals are encouraged to be themselves and gain self-pride, they can thrive on both a personal and societal level. Grand aspires to support and guide patients towards a path that leads to positive self-assurance and a stronger identity.

Ebony Oliphant


Ebony Oliphant focuses on helping her patients achieve personal and emotional growth through the practice of integrative and collaborative guidance. She believes that the treatment of trauma, and more specifically post traumatic stress disorder, and their resulting consequences is essential to living a life that is both fulfilling and gratifying. Ebony has specific experience working with patients who are recovering from traumatic brain injuries. She utilizes a nurturing, patient, and careful approach to working with patients who have experienced trauma, and understands that each individual needs unique and individualized care and treatment to begin the road to healing and recovery.