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Psychiatric consultation is a thorough assessment and analysis of an individual’s mental health based on contributing factors. A psychiatrist, or other mental health professional, addresses the environmental, medical, and social aspects of a person’s life and considers their associations on their overall psychological well-being. During a psychiatric consultation, a mental health professional may make suggestions and recommendations for possible treatment strategies to help individuals learn how to deal with particular emotional and behavioral issues in their lives.

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Jeanette Marinier


Jeanette Marinier is passionate about helping her patients overcome acute and/or persistent anxiety with therapeutic support and partnership. During her clinical training to become a licensed physician assistant, she gained specific experience in psychiatric services, including diagnostic and treatment-oriented solutions. Jeanette works alongside her patients to assist them in developing healthy skills to obtain their goals as a means to coping with anxiety. She focuses on helping individuals gain self-awareness and build self esteem as they work towards improving their mental health challenge of anxiety.

Kiran B. Maharaja


Kiran B. Maharaja provides psychiatric consultations to individuals who are interested in the guidance and support offered by a psychiatrist. With a broad experience in treating a wide-range of psychological issues and behavioral abnormalities, Dr. Maharaja is skilled at providing necessary and proper therapeutic and psychiatric recommendations. She inspires goal-setting and individual enlightenment by delivering customized and tailored treatment plans for patients who are looking to obtain positive changes in their lives.