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Personality disorders are disruptive mental health disorders that interfere with daily life and decision making. These interruptive and psychologically-induced relational disorders are caused by abnormal thoughts, emotions, and mood shifts. Individuals who suffer from personality disorders often have difficulty dealing with daily stressors and struggle with delivering effective communication. Licensed therapists and psychiatrists are trained to help improve the communication, thoughts, and actions of patients dealing with personality disorders.

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Alexandra Gregor


Alexandra Gregor strives to support and guide her patients who are seeking therapy to control their thoughts and manage their personality disorders. She knows that unhealthy thoughts and perceptions can negatively influence relationships, occupational issues, and communication. Alexandra offers an integrative approach that involves both medical and mental health counseling to help individuals seek emotional balance to support meaningful relationships, work productivity, and impactful social exchanges. With her experience as a physician assistant and a passion for psychology, Alexndra blends therapeutic techniques and strategies that help to strengthen the self-awareness and self esteem of individuals who are challenged by personality-related issues.

Kiran B. Maharaja


Kiran B. Maharaja targets the emotional, and sometimes behavioral response, to difficult hardships and transitions in life. She treats conditions like adjustment disorder by addressing the emotional needs and goals of her clients as they seek encouragement and motivation from positive and effective therapy. Dr. Maharaja practices both psychotherapy and medication management to treat the troublesome feelings and unhealthy behaviors that cause an individual to develop adjustment disorder. She believes in offering the most effective and appropriate means of therapeutic and psychiatric treatment to help her clients deal with trauma, loss, and other means of difficult transition.

Sahar Eftekhar

General & Addiction Psychiatrist

Sahar Eftekhar specializes in the treatment of addiction and substance abuse. Dr. Eftekhar is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry. She utilizes a comprehensive and integrative approach to help individuals acknowledge their unhealthy behaviors and promote positive and healthy changes to dealing with troubled emotions. Dr. Eftekhar stresses the significance of an initial thorough evaluation and proper diagnosis of specific underlying conditions that may be contributing to addiction. Based off of these initial assessments, Dr. Eftekhar provides effective and meaningful treatment through the practice of both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy.