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Obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, is a psychological disorder that results from anxiety issues. Persistent and irrational fears which can cause anxiousness and stress are the root cause of OCD. A person may cope with their severe anxiety by behaving in obsessive and repetitive manners. Learning how to manage specific or general anxiety is instrumental to overcoming unnecessary behaviors and compulsions.

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Alexandra Gregor


Alexandra Gregor utilizes a patient-centered and strength-focused approach to treating anxiety disorders and behavior issues with her clients. She is experienced in treating obsessive compulsive disorder by instilling focus, patience, and care into each one of her clients individualized anxiety issues and fears. Alexandra understands that some reasonings behind obsessive compulsive behaviors may be due to underlying concerns regarding medical health, which is where her background as a state licensed and nationally board-certified physician assistant is particularly relevant. She develops customized treatment plans for her patients who deal with anxiety and obsessive compulsive behaviors.

Kiran B. Maharaja


Kiran B. Maharaja targets the emotional, and sometimes behavioral response, to difficult hardships and transitions in life. She treats conditions like adjustment disorder by addressing the emotional needs and goals of her clients as they seek encouragement and motivation from positive and effective therapy. Dr. Maharaja practices both psychotherapy and medication management to treat the troublesome feelings and unhealthy behaviors that cause an individual to develop adjustment disorder. She believes in offering the most effective and appropriate means of therapeutic and psychiatric treatment to help her clients deal with trauma, loss, and other means of difficult transition.