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Narcissism is a personality disorder that refers to the ego-centric way in which a person views themself. When a person is narcissistic, they believe that they not only know more than anyone else, but are essentially better than everyone else. Narcissists tend to have a grandiose sense of self and convey their pride to others in outright and public ways. People who have narcissistic traits often lack empathy, which can negatively impact professional, social, and intimate relationships. Working with a social worker to build a more realistic and appropriate view of oneself can positively improve an individual’s overall life.

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Rajwinder Khurana


Rajwinder Khurana focuses on supporting her patients on learning ways to improve themselves and their relationships. This is particularly important and relevant for clients who have narcissistic qualities. Dr. Khurana believes that by utilizing insight-oriented and client-centered therapies with patients who are narcissistic is an effective approach to making positive changes that can create both enlightenment and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. She practices evidence-based strategies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions to help clients gain self-awareness and make impactful changes.

Sean Saltzberg


Sean Saltzberg incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities when treating patients who exhibit narcissistic qualities. As a licensed clinical social worker, Sean addresses the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and past experiences of his patients as a foundation of treating the resulting personality challenges. He focuses on treating these background origins as a way of helping clients to recognize and ultimately change their conduct and manners. Sean believes that when individuals can understand their inner feelings, they willingly feel empowered to change their outlook and consequential behaviors that impact their communication and relationships.