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Men’s health issues include medical, emotional, or behavioral matters. Developing an increased awareness of how various health issues impact men is an important way of understanding how to deal with serious conditions and disorders. Assessing your mental health when coping with medical and/or behavioral issues is an important way of managing your response and overall wellness.

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Sahar Eftekhar

General & Addiction Psychiatrist

Sahar Eftekhar specializes in addiction medicine and psychiatry. Dr. Eftekhar recognizes that substance abuse, alcoholism, and other forms of addiction are particularly common in men who are suffering from underlying health issues, either medical or emotional. She is educated and skilled at diagnosing and treating various health issues that are rooted in distraught, confusing, and difficult emotions. Her background as an experienced psychiatrist has taught her how to approach her patients with empathy, patience, and direction. Dr. Eftekhar utilizes both evidence-based medicine as well as pharmacologic management to help men cope with specific health issues.

Jordan G Roberts


Jordan G Roberts is specifically interested in the integration of neuroscience and psychology. With a blended interest in medical and mental health, Jordan delivers effective and meaningful counseling and advice to his patients. As a physician assistant, he offers medication review sessions to help patients obtain success with their treatment plans. Jordan believes that if an individual is uneducated or unaware of the purpose of their prescriptions, they may develop poor prescription habits of misuse and abuse. He aspires to help individuals seek their greatest potential through medication review and education to inspire enlightenment.