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Medication review is a process used to help patients, therapists, and pharmacists to improve communication regarding prescribed medications. The role of a therapist is to assess the medication needs of a patient and to help them understand the healthy correlation between their prescriptions and their purposes. Through therapeutic intervention, individuals should be able to gain an understanding of how any prescribed medication should be used effectively as part of their overall collaborative therapy.

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Caitlin Garstkiewicz


Caitlin Garstkiewicz works collaboratively with individuals and couples who are seeking the support needed to navigate the struggles of a marriage. She understands that partnerships can be complicated due to personality differences, mood changes, financial stressors, children, and career obligations. Caitlin believes that through mediated counseling and a willingness to participate from both individuals, a marriage can not only improve, but thrive. She utilizes both an evidence-based and holistic foundation in therapy, which involves psychodynamic theory, cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT/DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness techniques to guide and assist in both individual and partner goals.