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Medication review is a consultation between a professional mental health specialist or doctor and their patient. During this in-depth evaluation, mental health professionals gather information about prescription and medication regimens being taken by the patient. The purpose of a medication review is to help the patient gain a better understanding of their prescriptions. A medication review may be necessary if prescriptions are being misused, abused, or mismanaged. Professional specialists or psychiatrists may offer suggestions or recommendations based on the mental or medical history of the individuals to better suit their treatment needs.

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Kiran B. Maharaja


Kiran B. Maharaja is a psychiatrist who encourages her clients to seek honesty and vulnerability as they search for ways to help themselves manage their emotions and mood. Dr. Maharaja specializes in treating personality and mood disorders, and focuses on empowering her clients to make effective and positive changes to their lives. She knows that individuals who are challenged by bipolar disorder are often discouraged by their condition, but Dr. Maharaja believes it is not only important, but essential to support and teach her clients the skills and tools needed to obtain mental health balance and mood stability. She utilizes an evidence-based medical approach in combination with mindful awareness practices to help individuals establish personal harmony.

Jordan G Roberts


Jordan G Roberts is specifically interested in the integration of neuroscience and psychology. With a blended interest in medical and mental health, Jordan delivers effective and meaningful counseling and advice to his patients. As a physician assistant, he offers medication review sessions to help patients obtain success with their treatment plans. Jordan believes that if an individual is uneducated or unaware of the purpose of their prescriptions, they may develop poor prescription habits of misuse and abuse. He aspires to help individuals seek their greatest potential through medication review and education to inspire enlightenment.