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Marriage and couples counseling is a beneficial way of helping partners to strengthen their relationship through mediated therapy. Couples may seek out the support of a therapist if they are looking to improve a variety of aspects in their marriage or partnership. Through talk therapy, individuals learn how to improve their listening and communication skills with one another. This can ultimately improve other aspects of their marriage such as their honesty, trust, transparency, their sex life, and financial issues. Whether you and your partner are experiencing problems within your marriage or not, recruiting the support of a counselor to help guide conversations about difficult issues is both valuable and instrumental in a successful partnership

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Jessica Masbaum

Clinical Supervisor

Jessica Masbaum is specifically trained in treating patients who struggle with a variety of mental health conditions that may impact the development of major depressive disorder. She is experienced in working with patients who have experienced trauma, life transitions, mood disorders, eating disorders, and addictions. Jessica understands that depression is deeply interconnected to and influenced by the presence of these other mental health issues. Through therapeutic treatment, Jessica focuses on the origin and causes of depression. She focuses on treating the associated issues and believes that this approach can positively alter the mind and assist in overcoming major depressive disorder.

Caitlin Garstkiewicz


Caitlin Garstkiewicz works collaboratively with individuals and couples who are seeking the support needed to navigate the struggles of a marriage. She understands that partnerships can be complicated due to personality differences, mood changes, financial stressors, children, and career obligations. Caitlin believes that through mediated counseling and a willingness to participate from both individuals, a marriage can not only improve, but thrive. She utilizes both an evidence-based and holistic foundation in therapy, which involves psychodynamic theory, cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT/DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness techniques to guide and assist in both individual and partner goals.

Cassandra Walker


Cassandra Walker approaches marriage and couples therapy with an approachable and unbiased perspective. She comes from a therapeutic background that is broad in understanding individuals and relationships of all types, and is therefore based on acceptance and patience. Cassandra has worked with both non-monogamous relationships as well as monogamous couples, and understands the similarities and and challenges with both. She utilizes both clinical and holistic practices in couples counseling which include Depth Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Meditation and Body Based Interventions, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Parts Psychology, and Hypnosis.