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Major depressive disorder, or depression, is a mental health condition that primarily impacts mood. Depression is characterized by feelings of low self-worth, deep sadness, loss of interest in daily activities, and hopelessness. This mood disorder can negatively affect many aspects in an individual’s life, including relationships, communication, and productivity. If left untreated, depression can become so overwhelming that it may cause the development of substance abuse and other harmful addictions.

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Easter Young


Easter Young promotes a holistic approach to treating patients who are challenged by life transitions. She specializes in working with children and young adolescents who are in need of support and counseling to work through periods of their growing lives. Easter also helps patients to positively and effectively transition into new jobs and career paths. She believes that by delivering a therapeutic experience that is warm, collaborative, and energizing, patients can surpass their expectations of themselves and exceed in their lives.

Jessica Masbaum

Clinical Supervisor

Jessica Masbaum is specifically trained in treating patients who struggle with a variety of mental health conditions that may impact the development of major depressive disorder. She is experienced in working with patients who have experienced trauma, life transitions, mood disorders, eating disorders, and addictions. Jessica understands that depression is deeply interconnected to and influenced by the presence of these other mental health issues. Through therapeutic treatment, Jessica focuses on the origin and causes of depression. She focuses on treating the associated issues and believes that this approach can positively alter the mind and assist in overcoming major depressive disorder.