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Major depressive disorder is synonymous with depression. This serious mood disorder involves thoughts and feelings which revolve around sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, and social anxiety. It can cause further behavior issues such as addiction, sleep problems, eating issues, and isolation. Connecting with a therapist or psychiatrist to help you develop healthy ways of thinking and behaving are important in order to improve your mood and feelings.

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Alexandra Gregor


Alexandra Gregor addresses biological, environmental, and social factors that may contribute to the unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors or her clients. She understands how major depressive disorder and depressing thoughts can negatively impact all aspects of life if left untreated. Alexandra believes that by adjusting perceptions and habits through the holistic practice of mindfulness and the clinical practice of medication management, individuals can overcome major depressive disorder. She integrates her medical training as a physician assistant, and her passion for mental health, to help her patients increase their emotional awareness as a means to improve overall mood and well-being. 

Kiran B. Maharaja


Kiran B. Maharaja targets the emotional, and sometimes behavioral response, to difficult hardships and transitions in life. She treats conditions like adjustment disorder by addressing the emotional needs and goals of her clients as they seek encouragement and motivation from positive and effective therapy. Dr. Maharaja practices both psychotherapy and medication management to treat the troublesome feelings and unhealthy behaviors that cause an individual to develop adjustment disorder. She believes in offering the most effective and appropriate means of therapeutic and psychiatric treatment to help her clients deal with trauma, loss, and other means of difficult transition.

Sahar Eftekhar

General & Addiction Psychiatrist

Sahar Eftekhar specializes in the treatment of addiction and substance abuse. Dr. Eftekhar is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry. She utilizes a comprehensive and integrative approach to help individuals acknowledge their unhealthy behaviors and promote positive and healthy changes to dealing with troubled emotions. Dr. Eftekhar stresses the significance of an initial thorough evaluation and proper diagnosis of specific underlying conditions that may be contributing to addiction. Based off of these initial assessments, Dr. Eftekhar provides effective and meaningful treatment through the practice of both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy.