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Life transitions are phases in life where one event leads to another event. These events can be acute and specific occurrences, or they can be generalized and broad stages in life. Some examples of life transitions include career changes, marriage, having children, and death. Life transitions can be either predictable or unpredictable, which can trigger emotions such as shock, sadness, happiness, joy, or even anger. Talking to a therapist can be both valuable and useful in understanding how to navigate unexpectant thoughts, feelings, and consequential behaviors.

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Danielle Harkins


Danielle Harkins is passionate about helping individuals to process their emotions in positive and productive manners. She assists her patients in understanding that life transitions are part of life and believes that by learning how to cope in healthy and effective ways, patients can successfully prosper and grow. Danielle utilizes an integrative approach to treating both the expected and unexpected emotions of experiencing a life transition. She incorporates a Psychodynamic perspective, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Solution-Focused Therapy to target troubled emotions and achieving meaningful outcomes.

Easter Young


Easter Young promotes a holistic approach to treating patients who are challenged by life transitions. She specializes in working with children and young adolescents who are in need of support and counseling to work through periods of their growing lives. Easter also helps patients to positively and effectively transition into new jobs and career paths. She believes that by delivering a therapeutic experience that is warm, collaborative, and energizing, patients can surpass their expectations of themselves and exceed in their lives.