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Life coaching is a method of helping individuals to meet their personal, professional, social, and emotional goals. A life coach is trained in assisting their clients how to establish specific goals, learn the skills needed to obtain the goals, apply the goals to daily life, and ultimately achieve those goals. Life coaching allows individuals to feel empowered and capable to accomplish their potential and acquire the lives that they desire.

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Sean Saltzberg


Sean Saltzberg approaches clients with the principal intention of aiding them in reaching their personal goals and potential. He views life coaching as not only an adequate and appropriate means of reaching those goals but also the necessary and most comfortable approach to recognizing their self-power. He incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), mindfulness, and motivational interviewing into the process of helping patients to pinpoint goals that are specifically important to them, as well as build the skills needed to achieve them.

Tia Cochran


Tia Cochran strives to support LGBTQ+ patients who are seeking out emotional support to help them organize their thoughts, gain confidence, and learn the skills needed to navigate through life. She believes in the importance of one’s need for stability, security, and strength to maintain a healthy-minded life that is full of positive life choices. In addition to their own personal goals, Tia focuses on helping her patients to understand and learn how to achieve this perspective. She practices a holistic and strengths-based approach that applies cognitive-behavioral techniques, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness to support and assist individuals in achieving their potential.