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Insomnia is a sleep condition that can both be caused by psychological issues and cause other mental health problems. When an individual experiences insomnia, they typically have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Often times, these important elements of sleep can be initiated by anxiety and stress which can come from trauma, addiction, overworking, and other issues. Ultimately, the overall lack of sleep can cause problems with functioning productively and positively in society, causing even more issues such as depression, personality changes, and communication. Learning how to manage your sleep habits in order to gain control over other aspects of your life is a fundamental reason to seek the help of a therapist.

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Dinha Farooqui


Dinha Farooqui’s chief goal is to help her clients to make the necessary and positive changes needed to improve their overall quality of life. She specializes in treating individuals who are dealing with depression and anxiety, and are looking to gain effective coping skills and positive self-esteem. Many of her patients who struggle with depression and anxiety suffer from insomnia, insufficient sleep habits, and poor functionality because of it. Dinha utilizes an integrative approach that incorporates both cognitive behavioral therapy and person-centered therapy to support and guide her patients to learn how to develop better habits and skills for gaining better sleep and overall improved lives.

Kevin Vail


Kevin Vail understands that regardless of age, all individuals experience stress which can significantly affect our behavior and choices. When treating patients who are suffering from issues related to insomnia, Kevin focuses on targeting both past and present events and experiences that may inhibit an individual from obtaining the necessary sleep needed to make positive behavioral choices in daily life. Kevin is committed to remaining patient and understanding with his clients in order to allow them to focus on exploring their thoughts and emotions that may be impacting their stress levels and anxiety. He helps his clients to achieve their goals by guiding and directing them to make significant and positive changes to their sleep health through an understanding of its impact on their mental health.

Rajwinder Khurana


Rajwinder Khurana has treated many patients with a variety of mental health issues that specifically impact the development of insomnia. She understands the connection and correlation of personal struggles and poor sleep, and vice versa. With a background in working with clients who struggle with relationship conflict, trauma and PTSD, identity/self-esteem issues, as well as racial and cultural identity challenges, Dr. Khurana understands how depression, anxiety, life transitions, and stress can affect proper and effective sleep. She utilizes a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions to treat insomnia and some of it’s other associated mental health issues.