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Insomnia is a sleep condition that is influenced by both psychological and biological factors. This sleep disorder involves the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep, which ultimately negatively affects daily functioning due to inadequate rest for the mind and body. Overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety are common contributing factors of insomnia. Reach out to a professional who specializes in sleep-related issues and disorders to help you manage environmental and emotional factors that may be causing your insomnia.

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Kiran Maharaja


Kiran Maharaja aims to deliver appropriate and adaptable therapeutic treatment to her clients. She believes that through effective therapeutic and psychiatric services, her clients can achieve their personal goals and ultimately thrive. Dr. Maharaja is a psychiatrist who is committed to helping her clients overcome the daily obstacles caused by ADD and/or ADHD. She treats these types of behavior concerns and mental capacity issues by assessing and addressing many different factors that contribute to a patient’s overall lifestyle. Dr. Maharaja practices a comprehensive, insightful, and goal-directed approach to assist individuals in overcoming the challenges presented by ADD or ADHD.

Alexandra Gregor


Alexandra Gregor approaches her clients who are dealing with behavior issues, such as ADD or ADHD, in a patient-driven and strengths-based manner. Alexandra helps individuals establish meaningful goals that cast hopeful and positive outcomes. She utilizes her training as a physician assistant to assess medical, physical, and clinical obstacles that may be interfering with properly functioning mental health. Alexandra integrates this medical approach with therapeutic and psychiatric methods to help address the focus, attention, productivity, and interest-levels of patients who are dealing with ADD or ADHD.