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Impulsive eating issues can develop out of anxiety, fear, and an overwhelming sense of loss of control. This poor and unhealthy way of eating is distinguished by consuming large quantities of unhealthy food in short periods of time. This harmful coping technique can be viewed as a form of addiction that is utilized to help calm or deal with difficult traumas, troublesome thoughts, or negative emotions. Developing healthier, balanced, and more effective coping skills to deal with emotional hardships is the common goal of professional mental and medical health therapy.

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Jeanette Marinier


Jeanette Marinier is passionate about helping her patients overcome acute and/or persistent anxiety with therapeutic support and partnership. During her clinical training to become a licensed physician assistant, she gained specific experience in psychiatric services, including diagnostic and treatment-oriented solutions. Jeanette works alongside her patients to assist them in developing healthy skills to obtain their goals as a means to coping with anxiety. She focuses on helping individuals gain self-awareness and build self esteem as they work towards improving their mental health challenge of anxiety.