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Grief is the period of time after somebody close to you has passed away. This loss is also considered a time of bereavement where an individual experiences a wide range of emotions due to the loss. Most people experience emotions such as deep sadness, hopelessness, and loneliness. It can be both helpful and beneficial to seek counseling when experiencing these feelings and thoughts after a loss as to avoid the development of addiction, anxiety, and depression.

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Erika White


Erika White is experienced in working with individuals who are coping with transitions, change, grief and loss/bereavement. If a person’s mental state is left untreated post loss, she believes that they can develop further mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders, anger management, depression, adjustment disorders, alcohol and substance abuse. Erika provides her clients with the appropriate and necessary support and guidance needed to navigate their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to begin to heal and overcome the feelings of deep loss. Erika utilizes the practice of mindfulness to help individuals to understand their feelings and seek greater self-awareness which can help them deal with future emotions.

Katie Reagan


Katie Reagan approaches patients who may be extra sensitive during a time of grief and bereavement. She specializes in utilizing art therapy as a means of helping individuals to recognize and acknowledge their mental health. Katie believes that the collaboration of using art therapy and other psychotherapeutic modalities are both successful and effective ways to treat patients with anxiety, depression, life-transition, stress, worry and personal growth. Katie has found that using art therapy has been an overwhelmingly positive source of helping grieving patients overcome deep feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as changing the unhealthy behaviors of addiction and substance abuse.