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Grief and loss/bereavement are terms associated with feelings of sadness after death. Experiencing grief after loss is an important stage of processing necessary emotions. This transitional and emotional phase can take time to overcome. However, if you feel that you need professional support and guidance to help decipher your feelings and manage possible unhealthy behaviors, like substance abuse or sleep-related issues, reach out to a licensed therapist or psychiatrist.

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Jordan G. Roberts


Jordan G. Roberts is committed to teaching his patients how to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings by offering effective and healthy means to overcoming alcoholism. He is a neuroscience-focused physician assistant whose specialized training in mental health has allowed for him to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of psychiatric conditions. He is experienced in addressing and treating adult ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and OCD, all of which can influence poor behavior responses that develop into alcoholism and substance abuse. Jordan practices evidence-based psychotherapy and pharmacological methods as a whole-minded treatment plan for alcohol addiction.