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Divorce happens when two individuals, whether mutually or not, choose to end their marriage and move in separate directions. There are many reasons why divorce occurs, but regardless of the reason, the emotional impact is strong. For some people who have been challenged by their relationship, they may experience relief, while others who are troubled by the thought of their marriage ending may experience sadness, isolation, and feelings of abandonment. In many scenarios, children are involved and greatly impacted by the separation of their parents. Working with a therapist for individual, couple, or family counseling during a time of divorce is not only necessary, but positively impactful for everyone involved.

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Tia Cochran


Tia Cochran is experienced in working with adults, couples, and young patients who are impacted by the effects of divorce. She believes that when individuals forego the idea of therapy during the time of a divorce, it can cause negative feelings and behavioral issues later in life. Tia strives to help patients who may struggle with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders that may be associated with the event of divorce within a family and/or household dynamic. Ms. Cochran focuses on utilizing a mindful and strengths-based approach that specifically treats common conditions associated with divorce. Some of the specific therapeutic modalities that Tia uses include cognitive behavioral techniques, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness to help patients reach acceptance and develop healthy coping skills.

Rajwinder Khurana


Rajwinder Khurana understands that divorce has both unique and extensive effects on all family members involved in the separation of a marriage, or divorce. She has a broad therapeutic background in treating adults who are dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress caused specifically by significant life transitions, such as divorce. Dr. Khurana is especially interested in helping clients deal with relationship conflict. Whether partners are trying to work through problems within their marriage to avoid a potential divorce, or if a couple has already chosen to separate and are looking to seek guidance on navigating their new life, she is fair, honest, and patient in her approach.

Kevin Vail


Kevin Vail provides a non-judgemental and fair-minded approach to working with patients who are dealing with relationship issues and divorce. He works with individuals and couples who need the support necessary to deal with the emotions and challenges of marital problems. Kevin assists patients in developing healthy and balanced coping skills to deal with stress and anxiety; these tools can assist in improving communication and open-mindedness. Mr. Vail helps clients on building self-esteem during a time of hardship. He believes that by maintaining self-worth and confidence throughout a divorce will help to sustain other aspects of one’s life, including their professional and social lives.