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Simply put, depression is a combination of negative thoughts, emotions, and consequent behaviors. However, this very common mental illness is much more complicated and can be misunderstood. It is important to understand the signs, symptoms and ways to cope with any negativity in your life. Our therapists are trained professionals that are here to help navigate your depression.

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Dinha Farooqui

LPC, Therapist

Dinha Farooqui uses a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and person centered therapy to treat patients dealing with depression. By working closely with her patients to develop positive self-esteem and confidence, she works hard to create individualized treatment plans that work specifically for the needs and desires of what is necessary to fulfill a positive and meaningful life. Dinha strongly believes that working collaboratively and alongside her patients is the most successful way to achieve positive change for patients who are learning how to cope with their depression.   

Kevin Vail

LPC, NCC, Therapist

Kevin Vail is committed to working with patients who struggle with depression. He helps his patients to achieve productive and worthwhile change and growth by creating a safe and open space for individuals to seek the help they deserve. As a believer in being a strong listener and entrusting the patient that they are in fact their own expert, Kevin always remains honest, patient and empathetic. Kevin strives to help individuals understand, navigate, and learn healthy and mindful techniques and tools to fight their depression. The goal of these learned methods is to create positive, strong, mindful and purposeful awareness as they continue to move about their lives.