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Daytime sleepiness is a common and sometimes overlooked issue. It is often times ignored, however if not treated it can negatively affect many other aspects of one’s life. Daytime sleepiness can be caused by sleep deprivation that may derive from stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and overexertion. Understanding  the underlying causes of your sleepiness, as well as finding ways to manage your sleep, are paramount steps to gaining better overall sleep.

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Rajwinder Khurana

PsyD, Psychologist

Rajwinder Khurana focuses on developing and creating a trusting bond with her patients in order to reach their goals. She has found that by combining a collaborative and integrative therapeutic approach, individuals are able to define the root of their anger issues and develop themselves in a more positive manner. Dr. Khurana believes in structuring her therapeutic sessions in both a client-centered and insight-oriented approach as a way to empower her patients and help build their self-awareness.  

Cassandra Walker

LSW, Therapist

Cassandra Walker has an integrative approach to therapy that involves Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. However, a strong emphasis and focus of her approach is based on a holistic standpoint that involves mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis. By utilizing these such methods, practices and techniques, Cassandra is able to assist her patients in reaching new and different mental states that can effectively improve emotional well-being and consequently, sleep health.