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Bulimia is an emotional eating disorder that is caused by skewed and distorted thoughts of self-image. These unhealthy views of oneself can ultimately cause an individual to behave in unhealthy ways. A person who suffers from bulimia will act in unhealthy ways by binge eating large quantities of food and then purging. Bulimia can pose serious further mental and physical health complications and issues, hence it is important to deal with it at the earliest signs with professional guidance and treatment.

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Alexandra Gregor


Alexandra Gregor aims to provide compassionate and caring support for her clients who are dealing with psychological eating disorders. For individuals who are suffering from binge eating disorder, Alexandra approaches the emotions and negative behaviors exhibited by her clients in a patient-centered and goal-directed manner. Alexandra’s experience as a physician assistant has given her specific experience in internal medicine and women’s health, which assist in her clinical assessment and holistic understanding of the physical and psychological effects of eating disorders. Alexandra motivates her clients to achieve their physical and emotional goals by teaching awareness tactics and healthy coping skills.

Sahar Eftekhar

General & Addiction Psychiatrist

Sahar Eftekhar specializes in the treatment of addiction and substance abuse. Dr. Eftekhar is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry. She utilizes a comprehensive and integrative approach to help individuals acknowledge their unhealthy behaviors and promote positive and healthy changes to dealing with troubled emotions. Dr. Eftekhar stresses the significance of an initial thorough evaluation and proper diagnosis of specific underlying conditions that may be contributing to addiction. Based off of these initial assessments, Dr. Eftekhar provides effective and meaningful treatment through the practice of both psychopharmacology and psychotherapy.

Jordan G Roberts


Jordan G Roberts encourages his patients to increase their self worth and self esteem through introspective and mindful therapeutic work. He provides a safe, non-judgemental, and secure setting for clients who suffer from bulimia, general eating disorders, and other harmful behavior practices. Jordan’s background and training in both neuroscience and psychology blend together to deliver a holistic and whole-minded approach to treating skewed thoughts that result in poor eating habits and eating disorders. He understands that the psychology behind bulimia, which involves the act of binging and purging is rooted in negative thought processing and a lack of confidence. Jordan helps his patients establish meaningful goals that are accessible and attainable with appropriate, effective, and collaborative treatment.