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Individuals who suffer from borderline personality disorder have trouble regulating and balancing their emotions. This personality disorder is characterized by strong, intense, and prolonged thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Some of the common symptoms of borderline personality disorder include fear of abandonment, chronic feelings of emptiness and loneliness, impulsive and self-destructive behaviors, and unstable relationships. Reaching out for support and guidance to help understand and organize your emotions is an effective approach to balancing out your life.

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Caitlin Garstkiewicz


Caitlin Garstkiewicz looks to assist her patients in resolving their complicated and confusing thoughts, feelings, and emotions that contribute to the bad habits and poor behavior that is involved with a borderline personality disorder diagnosis. She comes from a therapy background of working in community mental health, inpatient psychiatric hospital, residential mental health programs, and psychosocial rehabilitation centers. With this broad and extensive history of treating personality disorders and other associated mental health issues, Caitlin has developed positive, productive, and clear strategic plans for treating patients who are seeking therapeutic support for personal growth and change.