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Stress, concern, worry, fear, and nervousness are all terms that are synonymous with anxiety. Anxiety is both a common and treatable mental health issue. If left untreated, unhealthy and poor behaviors may develop, such as addiction, sleep issues, and eating disorders. Acknowledging and adjusting your mindset in order to live a life that is free of anxiety is an important approach to emotional and behavioral management.

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Jamie Schubert


Jamie Schubert assists her patients in discovering and understanding their emotional and behavioral conditions as they seek to live a more controlled lifestyle. She treats disorders like ADD and ADHD by combining her medical background as a physician assistant with holistic techniques to help understand and teach her clients skill-building techniques. Jamie believes in the importance of obtaining and sustaining a healthy physical and mental life. Thus, she approaches clients with open-ears and an unbiased outlook as she works alongside them to make mindful suggestions and positive lifestyle adjustments to help them deal with their behavior-related problems.

Alexandra Gregor


Alexandra Gregor approaches her clients who are dealing with behavior issues, such as ADD or ADHD, in a patient-driven and strengths-based manner. Alexandra helps individuals establish meaningful goals that cast hopeful and positive outcomes. She utilizes her training as a physician assistant to assess medical, physical, and clinical obstacles that may be interfering with properly functioning mental health. Alexandra integrates this medical approach with therapeutic and psychiatric methods to help address the focus, attention, productivity, and interest-levels of patients who are dealing with ADD or ADHD.

Jeanette Marinier


Jeanette Marinier is passionate about helping her patients overcome acute and/or persistent anxiety with therapeutic support and partnership. During her clinical training to become a licensed physician assistant, she gained specific experience in psychiatric services, including diagnostic and treatment-oriented solutions. Jeanette works alongside her patients to assist them in developing healthy skills to obtain their goals as a means to coping with anxiety. She focuses on helping individuals gain self-awareness and build self esteem as they work towards improving their mental health challenge of anxiety.