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When issues involving anxiety, depression, addiction or any other mental health concerns are not recognized or managed, they can result in negative behavior. This negative behavior can cause anger, both verbally spoken and/or physically and violently acted out upon. It is important to understand the root of your anger in order to live a more joyful and safer life. Finding the right therapist can be one of the first steps to learning how to work on anger management.

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Rajwinder Khurana

PsyD, Psychologist

Rajwinder Khurana focuses on developing and creating a trusting bond with her patients in order to reach their goals. She has found that by combining a collaborative and integrative therapeutic approach, individuals are able to define the root of their anger issues and develop themselves in a more positive manner. Dr. Khurana believes in structuring her therapeutic sessions in both a client-centered and insight-oriented approach as a way to empower her patients and help build their self-awareness.  

Sean Saltzberg

LCSW, Therapist

Sean Saltzberg has a background in working with individuals of all ages in the areas of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship issues and vocational stress, among many others. As a result, he has seen firsthand how many different factors and stressors can cause anger. Mr. Saltzberg believes that by focusing on a patient’s strengths and establishing distinct and realistic goals is a necessary and vital means to developing an individual’s self-awareness. Especially when it comes to teaching methods and techniques to cope with anger and violence, Sean believes that getting his patients to see their own positives and strengths will help to build their confidence.