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Adjustment disorder is an emotional disorder that is characterized by both emotional and physical symptoms. These symptoms may include anxiousness, distress, hopelessness, feelings of sadness and/or depression. Adjustment disorder occurs after an individual has experienced a stressful or traumatic life event. It can often be referred to as situational depression because the onset of its symptoms can be sudden, intense, and directly related to the specific event. Finding the support and help to work through the struggles of adjustment disorder is important to treating the symptoms and overcoming the stressful event.  

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Dinha Farooqui


Dinha Farooqui is trained to assist patients in understanding how to attain, apply, and maintain healthy coping skills to their lives. This is particularly important when faced with the challenge of adjustment disorder during the aftermath period of a stressful or life-altering event. Dinha feels passionately about serving individuals who need help, support, and direction when straining to deal with sudden and unexpected thoughts, feelings, and emotions. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and person-centered therapy to aid in her patient’s specific goals that foster personal growth and overcoming adversity. 

Kevin Vail


Kevin Vail emphasizes the importance of collaboration when working closely with individuals who are seeking counseling for periods of distress in their lives, such as adjustment disorder. He focuses on building self-confidence and self-awareness in his patients in order to lead them in the direction of defeating their anxieties, fears, and lows. Kevin understands that by listening and learning about each unique patient, he can help to target their worries and teach them the necessary coping skills that aid in healing, recovery, and flourishing. 

Cassandra Walker


Cassandra Walker approaches clients in a non-judgemental and free thinking manner which allows for those struggling to deal with trauma and anxiety to feel safe in a stress-free setting. She believes that by encouraging and helping patients to work through their challenges and struggles, they can achieve an improved sense of self-potential with the ability to increase their overall well-being. Cassandra utilizes a variety of therapeutic practices such as Depth Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Meditation and Body Based Interventions, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Parts Psychology, and Hypnosis to assess and treat patients who suffer from adjustment disorder.